How to start with git versioning?

Git versioning is technique to make versions of your code. It's great for backuping and managing bugs in code. There are some popular sites which gives you ability to start versioning easy. Some of them are free only for public project, some are free for both public and private projects. Most of them are doing pretty same task - enabling you to versionise your precious code.

Sites to start with GIT versioning

My favorite - Bitbucket - Free for 5 users. Priced to scale. I like it because it offers unlimited free private projects. If your project have 5+ developers, than you have to pay.

GitHub - Free for open source. Unlimited public repositories and unlimited public collaborators. Github is most popular site for git versioning, but if you want to have private code, you have to pay for it.

Unfuddle - paid git versioning service. It have none free plans, only 30 days trail period. Never tried this site.

Repository Hosting - one more paid versioning services. Never tried, also 30 days free trail, none free plans.

How to start with Git versioning?

Or just register at and try to create your first repository. It's free and has step-by-step instructions how to make it work. 

I also recommend downloading SmartGit program, if you do not like command line git interface. SmartGit is a client for Git. It runs on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. You can get it here:

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