How To download Facebook Look Back video?

1. Open Google Chrome browser and go to
2. Click F12 button on you keyboard or use your mouse: right-click anywhere outside the movie and select "Inspect Element" (it should be last option on the menu)

Now you should see some crazy stuff with HTML code. Check out this new window, it has tabs: Elements,
Network, Sources, Timeline, Profiles...

3. Click Network.

4. Now you see a table with all files downloaded to your computer for loading the page. Click on the table column named "Size". Now all files downloaded are ordered by size.

If you want better quality - click HD butto on the movie. Start playing the movie and let it go.

5. Go to

6. Copy this code:

<a href="REPLACE_ME">download (right mouse click and save link as)</a>

7. Paste it on the left side. There is a big input field.

8. Back to table of all downloaded files. Movie file should be the first when you order by size. If not - try clicking size column once again. After showing the movie it should weight  around 2 MB (not HD) and if you clicked HD button, it should be around 5 MB.

9. Right click on the name of the file and select "Copy link address"

10. Go to your pasted code and replace REPLACE_ME with the link.

11. Click this button on page:

12. Now you see a link to your movie on the right side. Right click with your mouse and click "Save link as"

That's it! :) You can use same way to download almost any video/music on almost any website.

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