What is a Favicon? Where can I get it? How add favicon to my site?

Most website have favicon and it's great to have one. It helps your user to find your page easier between his/hers bookmarks or opened browser's tabs. Generally favicon means favorite icon, you can find it here:

Favicon size: 16x16 pixels. 16px width and same height.
Favicon format: This file should be saved as ICO file: *.ico but PNG, GIF, animated GIFs and JPEG can be used too. Problem is, that only ICO file will be recognized by all browsers on all operating systems. Other  formats should work well with Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. Safari might not understand animated GIFs.

Where can i get favicon?

You can make it yourself, if you know how to use such programs as Photoshop, but if don't, then you can Google for sites, where you can create favicon online for free or even download some already created favicons. I think one of most popular such sites is http://www.favicon.cc/ 

How to use favicon in the site?

The easiest way to use it is just to locate it in the website's root directory and name it "favicon.ico". Browsers will automatically take it from here. If you want to place it in some other folder or give it some custom name, than you can use this simple HTML markup to show browser where to look for your favicon:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="folder/to/myicon.ico" />

Place this code in head part of HTML, between <head> and </head> and you are good to go.

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